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Weekly Compliment!

on January 3, 2015

To start the new year right, I thought giving more compliments would be something positive and healthy! As I was curious, I searched online for daily compliments, and found that there is a World Compliment Day, on March 1st.

World Compliment Day simply addresses the basic human need for recognition and appreciation. Nobody wins commercially, but everybody gains emotionally. And therein lies its power.

March 1st is just about consciously reflecting on what someone in your area does well and letting that person know he/she is sincerely appreciated for that. It should be done through words instead of gifts. “A sincere and personal compliment costs nothing, but the impact on the recipient is huge,” says Hans Poortvliet

World Compliment Day

Until March 1st, I thought to have a weekly compliment post. What’s so positive about a compliment? Well I came up with my list of reasons why we should give compliments!

A positive compliment is powerful because:

1. It brings a smile to others – even just one word can bring joy to someone.

2. It spreads kindness – and because you gave kindness, that person is more likely to spread kindness.

3. It helps keep you positive – by giving compliments, you’ll be thinking more positively in general.

4. It keeps you happy too – happy feelings come forth when you bring happiness to others.

So this week’s compliment:

You’re a great person! I enjoy spending time with you.

Lord God, guide us this week in our thoughts and words. Help us to spread compassion to all people, giving words of kindness through our compliments. May you be the light within us, Amen.


One response to “Weekly Compliment!

  1. Linda says:

    You girls do a wonderful job on this blog! I enjoy reading it and getting inspired.

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