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Weekly Prayer: For the elderly

on February 9, 2015

There are many elderly men and women in my community and they are a blessing. Too often I feel preoccupied with my own life and stresses, that forget to pray about those in need, particularly the elderly, who may be lonely, aging, or sick. So here’s a lovely prayer for the elderly.

Lord God almighty, bless those people to whom you have given a long life. You have given these your faithful the grace to maintain their hope in You through all life’s changes and to taste and see Your goodness.

Let them be aware of Your nearness, so that, when they worry about past failings, they will rejoice in your mercy and, when they think of the future, they will faithfully rely on You as their hope. 

We bless You, God, for the gifts You have showered on them for so many years. We ask that they may find joy in a renewed strength of spirit, that they may have good health, and that they may inspire us by the example of their serene way of life.

We pray, too, that You may shower us with the gift of patience and the willingness to lovingly care for them and to bring them joy into their lives.

In Christ Jesus, Amen.

(Revised from here.)



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