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Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

Weekly Song: Proof

on February 25, 2015

Alex G, a talented YouTube artist, has an original album out, with the single, “Proof”. She explains in her “Making of Proof” video that the song is about not being ashamed of yourself and your imperfections. Alex G shares this so that we might relate as well as learn – learn to accept ourselves and to reach for that light that still brightens.

Staring me down in the mirror
How long will it take til these cracks disappear?
Feeling ashamed, forgetting my name
Where did I go?
Praying to God for a cure
It’s so dysfunctional here in the hurt
Lost and confused, feeling the wounds
Where do I go?

Every dim shade of gray in my scars

All of the mess I have left in the dark
Still the light shines through the cracks in my heart
It’s proof I’m alive

Climbing the height of my walls
Watching them crumble beneath me in awe
I will be brave, I will be safe
Here in your arms
Now there’s no room for afraid
Breaking the boundaries to make myself brave
Hearing the change, turning the page
And now I am free


Give it all away, give it all away
It’s gonna be okay, gonna be okay
I give it all away, give it all away
It’s gonna be okay, gonna be okay

Chorus (repeat twice)

I’m alive, I’m alive


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