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Raw Praying

on March 15, 2015

What is “Raw Praying”?

For me, praying should be “raw” – just praying as you are at that moment. You don’t have to be structured to pray. You don’t need to follow a fancy prayer.

When should you pray?

Following the principle of “raw praying”, you can just pray to God as your thoughts come. Even if it is as simple as “Lord, please lift up my concerns, Amen.” He understands and he’s there hearing your prayers.

How should you pray?

I think anyone can pray however they think is best for them. Some people use prayer beads to guide them in their prayers and thoughts. Journaling might be another form of prayer – writing down your concerns. And then just as simple as “Bullet Prayers” – pray as it comes to you and lift it up to God at that instant.

Pray as you are. Not in how you think you should be. 

Happy praying!



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