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Recycled Post: The Best Things In Life

on April 10, 2015

Lists are great for organizing and prioritizing your life, but they are also helpful for making you feel good! At the end of each day, my husband and I write one thing we are thankful for that day in our gratitude journal. Another way to think positive is to make a list of the things that make you feel happy.

This post comes from Dec 2012:

Make a list of the best things in your life. What do you love most? What do you enjoy doing? What makes you smile and laugh? What makes you feel good all over? What memories do you cherish?

Add to the list!

1. Hugging someone you love.

2. Saying and receiving “I love you”.

3. Being able to skype my sister and my parents from across country.

4. Cuddling with my cats.

5. Listening to talented musicians.

6. Drinking warm tea in the evenings.

7. Hiking to the top of a mountain and seeing the scenic view around me.

8. Feeling warm sunshine on my face.

9. Holding hands.

10. Baking delicious homemade bread.

11. Getting out of bed every morning and thanking God for another beautiful day.

12. Reading and hearing scripture.

13. Being creative by doing fun projects like crochet, painting, crafts.

14. Playing cards.

15. Being goofy for no reason.

16. Traveling to see new sights.

17. A hot shower at the end of a day.

18. Laughing so hard your face and stomach hurt.

19. Falling in love.

20. Receiving a nice massage to relax my sore muscles.

21. Seeing smiles and hearing laughter from your friends.

22. Finishing a good book.

23. Quiet nights at home, watching an old classic movie.

24. Picking fresh blueberries.

25. Worshiping through song of praise.

26. The success felt after completing a hard work-out.

27. Blue skies.

28. Having someone tell you that you’re beautiful.

29. Seeing your friends and family open your gifts.

30. Celebrating birthdays.

31. (new one!) Gardening and seeing your plants thrive.


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