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The joys of generosity

on April 24, 2015

I read a page in Choosing Happiness (by Stephanie Dowrick) about the benefits and joys of generosity, so I thought to share:


– takes you beyond yourself
– brings out the best in you
– opens your eyes to the reality of other people’s existence
– lets you make connections with the most unexpected people
– lends itself to small gestures as well as large
– subverts greed, fear, and insecurity
– doesn’t depend on learning, privilege, or status
– doesn’t depend on being religious or spiritual
– is as vital in our public institutions as it is in our bedrooms
– is impossible to manufacture, measure, sell or waste (you can’t trade it!)
– springs from a belief in our inborn goodness
– is an act of faith that all our lives matter
– benefits our minds and bodies as much as it does our spirits



One response to “The joys of generosity

  1. […] Volunteer in your community, be there for someone in need, give gifts just because, and hug. Being generous can make you feel […]

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