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Recycled Post: All is Calm

on June 29, 2015

This post is recycled from December 2013. We could always use a reminder to seek peace and calmness in our busy lives. As a new work week gets started, take a deep yoga breath and turn to God as you go through any stress.

“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.” -Psalm 107:29

This verse shows power, love, and peace. God is beyond our comprehension and can do anything, even still a storm! It also shows that God cares about His creation, He wants to fill this world with peace and love. When we feel ungodly emotions, like stress, anger, hate, and sadness, just ask for God to calm our inner souls. Stay focused on the positive and on the love of God rather than focusing on the storms brewing around us.

As Psalm 62 says, may our souls find rest in God. Say to yourself “All is calm.”

Prayer for peace:

Lord, thank You for Your love and comfort. Only You are able to calm my storm. When I feel overwhelmed or full of ungodly emotions, remind me of what’s important. Guide me to act righteously. May I relax, let go of any unhealthy passions, and focus on You and family. May I express gratitude in all things that come my way. I live for You and ask to stay focused on You and Your teachings. Amen.


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