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Weekly Song: Unbelievable

on August 4, 2015

I love this new song, Unbelievable, that Owl City and Hanson sing together – so upbeat, fun, and catchy. As I was reading the lyrics, I noticed that the song speaks about childhood. They sing about how the best days were when they were kids.

Is that something you agree? Were those the good days for you? Do you feel that by looking back on your childhood, it seems unbelievable that you had it that good? Was that “as good as it gets” and you “don’t know what’s gonna happen next”?

Very intriguing reflection for me. I think that as a kid you are learning and growing while having fun and having little responsibilities. Now as adult you are grown and full of responsibilities, working more, and not having as much free time for fun.

But I think that adulthood is enjoyable and special too. Some of the best days for me have been as an adult – particularly moving to Oregon with my sister and my wedding day and my marriage.

What are your thoughts about this song?

It’s unbelievable, This is as good as it gets
It’s unbelievable, Don’t know what’s gonna happen next
It’s unbelievable, You haven’t seen nothing yet
It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable

When I was a kid I saved up all my dough so I could buy C-3PO
Put Mentos in my Diet Coke in the backseat of the bus
When I was a kid I ate “Spaghetti Os”, played laser tag and GI Joe’s
And if you vowed no girls allowed then you could join the club
When I was a kid I spent my Saturday’s
Blowin’ on Nintendo games
The newest thing was Lion King and I could feel the love


When I was a kid I dreamed of Power Wheels
Stayed up late watching action films
And I won’t lie, my friends and I, were too legit to quit
When I was a kid I lived for climbing trees ate Dr Pepper jellybeans
My favorite part of “Jurassic Park” was how real the Raptors looked
When I was a kid I still had VHS, watched Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff
Zack Morris owned the first cell phone, it was off the hook!


Cat, pogs, and floam and home alone, Berenstein bears and bean bag chairs
My L.A. Looks and Goosebumps books, oh Etch-a-sketch
What happens next?
Grape juicy juice and Dr. Seuss, piggy-back rides and
Slip-n-slides, McDonalds Fries, those were the best
What happens next?

Chorus, those were the days oh-oh

It’s unbelievable, When I think back I’m amazed
It’s unbelievable, Cause baby those were the days
It’s unbelievable, It ruled in so many ways
It’s unbelievable, it’s unbelievable

And I’m so amazed!, Those were the days!



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