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Weekly Prayer: Explore Nature Around You

on August 11, 2015

Don’t you love summer? I love the sunshine, the flowers and trees fully blossoming, and all of nature thriving. My husband and I frequently see chipmunks and bunnies out in our backyard…and we even saw a bat out the other day!

This summer, my husband and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather and going on road trips. As an air force family, we have been blessed to explore new places. This summer, we managed to drive along Lake Erie, through NY, and along the east coast to see so many wonderful sites! Niagara Falls is jaw dropping, and Acadia National Park in Maine, standing on top of Cadillac Mountain, takes my breath away. And last week, we took a day trip to Lake Erie and stayed along the beach, enjoying the peace of the waves and the joy of the warm sunshine.

God blesses us with such beauty in nature. 

This week, may you find ways to explore nature and go on an adventure! Even if the adventure is small or in your local area, it’s still something to try. We can all find God in the little places around us, even in our backyard. God created all of Earth, and we need to get out in it every so often to explore it all and appreciate its beauty. 

Prayer for Enjoying Nature:

“The warmth of the sun’s embrace, the gentle breeze swept in by incoming tide, the rhythm of seasons of new birth, death and recreation. All these speak so clearly of your love, your power, and your beauty. All are expressions of your creativity, and more importantly of yourself. As an artist might share his personality within each brushstroke, so within the myriad colours of a butterfly’s wing you share the exuberance of your love.

That we can glimpse you within creation is a beautiful thought, but also tells us that you desire to be seen, to be found and known. Open our eyes, Lord, as we walk through this world, feel the wind and sunshine, see the majesty of creation unfolding before our eyes. Help us to see you.” Amen.

8.07.15 Cleveland Lake Erie Day Trip (5)


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