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Weekly Prayer: For All Babies

on September 24, 2015

Our lives are blessed with babies – our cousin recently gave birth to a baby girl, and Krista is due in less than three weeks for her baby girl. Here is a prayer for all babies, that they may be blessed with good health, faith, and happiness.

Prayer for all babies

How we praise and thank You for the precious little lives of all new-born babies, little toddlers and young children, knowing that each one is special to You and was known in Your heart, even before conception. Thank You that You have scheduled every day of each little life, and we praise and thank You for the special plans and purposes You have for every single new-born child – for all babies and infants.

We pray Your loving protection over all babies and their families, that they may be healthy and happy. We pray that many may be brought up to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. Give parents and grandparents and all those that are in any way connected with young babies the wisdom and grace to care for them in a loving and secure environment.
Guard and protect, guide and provide for each innocent little baby and protect their the hearts and minds from a society that has grown far from the God Who created them and sent His Son to die  – so that they might live – this we ask in Jesus name,


One response to “Weekly Prayer: For All Babies

  1. Linda says:

    I lke that prayer!

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