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Weekly Song: Where Would Jesus Be?

on September 28, 2015

Last week, Jeff Lowery visited our church and sang some of his songs that he performs for the youth in youth camp. This song, Where Would Jesus Be?, makes us reflect on how our lives can reflect Jesus and how we can share our love.

Where Would Jesus Be?

Where would Jesus be and how is Jesus calling me, to change my life
He is asking us, to take a leap of faith and trust
Come follow me, where would Jesus be?

Would he be at church on Sunday, would he greet you at the door?
Would he be behind the pulpit, singing in the choir,
Turning over tables or setting them up in the fellowship hall?
Are you asking, where would Jesus be?


Would he be at work on Monday,
Repairing neighbors homes, or seeking out the stranger, attending to their wounds?
Gathering people’s signatures or signing bills into law?
Are you asking where would Jesus be?


In fat, Jesus could be in any of those places,
And none of us can claim to have Jesus only in our spaces
We need to look and see, where else Jesus would be
And we’ll find, that’s where God is calling,
God is calling, God is calling us to be



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