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Weekly Prayer: Baptism

on January 11, 2016

Yesterday we celebrated at church the baptism of Christ. Baptism is the ritual of becoming cleansed of sin and renewed in Christ. For me it means that I am blessed with Christ’s presence and I am marked to follow his ways.

Here’s a prayer for baptism, written by M.S.Lowndes, and may you be reflect on the meaning that baptism has for you.

You’re taking this step of faith.
In obedience to the Lord,
To be baptized in His precious name,
And heed the Master’s call,
To rise up with faith in God.

And go where He may lead,
To share God’s love to everyone,
And touch them in their need,
May God pour out His blessings.

Upon your life today,
So you may walk in His abundance,
As you commit to Him your way,
Keep on trusting in the Lord.

No matter what you face,
And keep your eyes on Jesus Christ,
And live in His sweet grace.



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