Sisters For Sunshine

Receive God's Warm Love Through Reflection

Four Directions Prayer

on January 19, 2016

This past Sunday in service, the pastor and congregation recited four prayers, each referring to a geographical direction, calling God to encompass our entire being. These prayers originate from Native American customs, and since we were discussing equality and love for all people, we recited this as a way to include all people, to focus on loving all people, and to be united together.

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East: O Great Spirit of the East and of the rising sun, you are the Spirit of new life and new beginnings. We pray that you will give us light and energy and power, flooding our lives with illumination and understanding, and blessing us with the vision of the sacredness of creation.

South: O Great Spirit of the South, of all green and growing things, you are the Spirit of warm summer rains, and gentleness. We pray that your warm winds will warm our hearts. Bring to the land abundance and let everything rejoice and grow and be fruitful.

West: O Great Spirit of the West, and of the sunset, you are the Spirit of the great waters and oceans. We pray that your restless, shining waters may cleanse and heal us, may refresh and strengthen us, dissolving all barriers in the patience of time and bringing peace to all beings of the Earth.

North: O Great Spirit of the North, and of the vast northern sky, you are the Spirit of energy, the source of knowledge and wisdom. We pray that your icy breath will sweep away the old patterns. We pray that your cold sharpness will awaken our spirits, clear our minds, set our priorities, and give us wisdom and clear vision for the future.

Benediction: Creator, we thank you for the Circle you have made out of us within the Sacred Hoop of your creation. May the Holy Spirit make its nest within our hearts and its dwelling place among us; we ask this through the name of your eternal Word, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.



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