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Bible Journaling

on March 13, 2016

Are you familiar with Bible journaling? This year my goal is to read the Bible frequently (I try to read every day) and to not just read, but to study scripture. I bought some colored markers, created a color method of highlighting themes and topics when I’m reading, and I started my adventure in Bible journaling!

There are many talented Bible journaling artists with blogs or instagram accounts that create beautiful images on their Bible pages (see Bible Art Journaling). I’m not an artist, and you don’t have to be as well! Just using a Bible study color method – underlining or drawing simple symbols as you read your Bible – is good enough. Whatever makes you reflect more on scripture!

Since Bible journaling, I’ve enjoyed reading and studying the words of the Bible and reflecting on what it means to me. I’ve grown closer to God as I engage more in His word, and as I learn more about my faith.

So get started! It’s simple and yet so powerful.

I searched on Pinterest for Bible study color coding methods, and ultimately created my own, using the colors that I had. Here’s what mine looks like:

biblestudycolormethod (1)

biblestudycolormethod (2)

A page in my Bible as an example of my Bible journaling:


Some other color coding methods:

Some Bible art journalists that I follow on Instagram:
@designsbyamybruce – Blog:
@thesaltybiscuit – Bible journaling supplies:


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