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Song: Hold On To The Rock

on April 28, 2016

My husband is singing this song in the church choir – a soulful, powerful song about standing strong in God through the storms of your life.

Hold on to the rock of ages, hold on to the cornerstone.
Stand strong on the sure foundation, surrounded by the fortress strong.
When all the storms of life are raging, hold on to the rock.
You’ve got to… (repeat)

You know that it doesn’t take a mighty earthquake to shake the ground you stand on.
Cause life is gonna change like a hurricane and blow all the plans you planned on.
Well the ground is gonna shake and the wind is gonna blow,
Who you gonna trust and where you gonna go?

Chorus repeat

You know sometimes when life is easy, it’s so easy to keep the faith.
To be grateful for every blessing, when every blessing comes our way.
Cause when life shakes us to our very soul,
Who you gonna trust and where you gonna go?

Chorus repeat




One response to “Song: Hold On To The Rock

  1. Linda says:

    I love that!

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