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Sharing Interests

on August 15, 2016

Our blog is all about spreading positivity, and sharing interests with one another is a way to spread positivity! When we share common hobbies with others, we are sharing ourselves in a positive way. Whether it’s coming together for events or crafts or sharing our ideas together, that in itself is something positive. 

As sisters we share alot of interests, but we also have different hobbies. Krista learned quilting from a friend in the air force family, and I (Lisa) took on crochet, which I learned from my grandma. Well recently Krista is sharing with me all her knowledge and expertise to teach me quilting! It’s exciting to come together for something new and crafty, and to be able to share a common hobby, even despite the long distance!

How can share an interest with someone near you? What can you do to share something with other community members?



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