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Pray for your spouse

I receive the Crosswalk Marriage newsletter, and last week it was about praying for your spouse.

As a wife, I always hope that my husband has a good day at work, that he’s healthy and sleeps well, and that he’s happy. But I sometimes fall short with actually praying to God about these things.

“Prayer is always the answer and the best assistance we can give to our husbands.”

How can you pray for your spouse? Janet Thompson writes in Dear God, He’s Home! A Woman’s Guide to Her Stay-at-Home Manthat you can pray persistently, pray as couple, and pray by reciting scripture. Also, ask them daily how you can pray for them, or journal in a prayer notebook.

Below is a prayer written by Janet Thompson,that I hope will inspire you in your prayers to your husband/wife. This prayer is particularly regarding prayer for your husband who may be struggling.

Lord, you know that my husband is struggling with something that he cannot fix. You are the Lord of our home and the head of my husband and I ask you in the name of Jesus to take control over our home and let your will rule in our lives. Thank you God that I can come before you and take whatever is bothering my husband and put it at your feet, fully trusting that your will is done in his life. 
Father, help my husband not to harbor under the weight of a guilty conscience, but remind him that because of his salvation, the blood of your Son Jesus Christ will make him clean again if he will only confess his troubles to you. If he has done something requiring repentance, Lord humble him to repent and ask for forgiveness so he can once again feel the spiritual cleansing that comes from your grace and mercy. 
Lord help us both to hold tightly without wavering in the hope we affirm, for you God can be trusted to keep your promise to us. Help me to think of ways to motivate and encourage my husband with acts of love and ways to make his life easier. Please don’t let this struggle come between us so that we stop having times of conversation, recreation, and intimacy. Lord, help my husband to feel your love and know that whatever he is struggling with pales with the knowledge that someday we will be with you in Heaven. 
Give me courage and patience, and guide my husband in the way he should go. Amen.


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God commands the impossible

“Moses said to the people: “If only you would heed the voice of the LORD, your God, and keep his commandments and statutes that are written in this book of the law, when you return to the LORD, your God, with all your heart and all your soul. For this command that I enjoin on you today is not too mysterious and remote for you. It is not up in the sky, that you should say, ‘Who will go up in the sky to get it for us and tell us of it, that we may carry it out?’ Nor is it across the sea, that you should say, ‘Who will cross the sea to get it for us and tell us of it, that we may carry it out?’
No, it is something very near to you, already in your mouths and in your hearts; you have only to carry it out.”” –DT 30:10-14

“There was a scholar of the law who stood up to test him and said, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”  Jesus said to him, “What is written in the law?  How do you read it?”  He said in reply, “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” He replied to him, “You have answered correctly; do this and you will live.”” –LK 10:25-37

God commands the impossible. He calls us to follow Him and to love everyone with all our being, and He believes that we can achieve that completely! We are imperfect people, but God has faith in us.

And we should have faith in God, that we can follow His laws fully. We must not just love sometimes and follow God when we want to. We must love and follow God with all of our strength, turn to God always, and do our best no matter what.

God believes that we are capable of so much love in the world. He set these commands with a unwavering doubt that His people are capable of loving fully.

It may seem impossible, but God gives us strength. With God, all things are possible. Trust in God with perfect faith, and you can do (and love) anything! 

LORD, thank you for your powerful teachings. Be there with us as we reach out to others and carry out your commands. Help us to love others with all our body, mind, and soul. Help us to do the impossible. May LOVE be our focus, and may You be our guide always. Amen.

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Prayer for the Grieving

This morning we found out that a family member of a loved one passed away unexpectedly. Here is a prayer for the grieving, that the family may find strength and comfort in God.

Prayer for Comfort for the Grieving

Father, I pray for (name one or more) and others in my circle of family and friends who are grieving…

They’re hurting for many reasons, and I ask You to help them through this season of loss. I reach out to You, the Father of compassion and the Source of every comfort, asking You to touch them with Your unfailing love and kindness. Be their God who comforts them as they’re going through their struggles, and bring them through the tough things ahead. Come alongside them in their pain, and strengthen them so they’ll one day be able to help others who face the same struggles. (2 Corinthians 1:3–4; Psalm 33:22; 1 Samuel 20:14a)

You’re close to people whose hearts are breaking, those who are discouraged and have given up hope. May You who see their troubles and grief respond when they cry out. (Psalm 34:18; 10:14a, 17)

When they’re hurting, help them find their joy in You, for it’s Your joy that will be their strength. Help them to trust You as their God of hope. Fill them with Your joy, peace, and hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Help them experience the love, joy, and peace that are the results of His life in them, no matter what they’re going through. (Nehemiah 8:10b; Romans 15:13; Galatians 5:22)

May they sense Your presence in this hour of need. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer of Patience for Parents

There is so much to learn and experience by being a parent. Being a parent is not something I learned in school nor beforehand when I was preparing for birth. Only now with caring for him have I truly experienced what it means to be a parent.

Being a parent requires patience. Lots of patience and understanding. Because they only know basic instincts as an infant, and I need to accept that and be gentle and calm.

Here’s a prayer for patience when you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your child.

When my child tests me, teach me, God, how to respond with wisdom.
When I grow irritable, send me patience.
When my fury rages, teach me the power of restraint.
When I become fixed in my ways, teach me to be flexible.
When I take myself too seriously, bless me with a sense of humor.
When I am exhausted, fill me with strength.
When I am frightened, fill me with courage.
When I am stubborn, teach me how to bend.
When I act hypocritically, help me to align my deeds with my values.
When mundane pressures threaten to overwhelm me, help me to remember how truly blessed I am.
When I lose my way, God, please guide me on the road back to joy, back to love, back to peace, back to you. Amen

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Prayer for Houston

The last few days have been so traumatic for Houston as they experienced terrible rains and floods. The area that we grew up in experienced the worst of it, and it makes us sad to see the devastation there. We ask that you pray for the people living in Houston and for their safety, well-being, and comfort as they deal with the aftermath and the destruction.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” – Psalm 46:1

Prayer In Times Of Natural Disaster

God of healing and mercy, we come before you with our hearts filled with grief as we see the devastation.

We pray that your presence would be felt by those who are grieving, who are injured, who have lost their homes and livelihoods.

We pray for wisdom and safety for those who are responding to the people in need and the many challenges left in the wake of the event.

We pray for our church, that it may be a witness to your compassion and care for all who suffer.

God, you are our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. For this we give you thanks and ask that you hear our prayers for the people of Houston. Amen.

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Prayers To Say For Your Children

As a parent-to-be, I’m always thinking of my son and praying he is in good health and that he’ll be blessed with a beautiful life once he comes into this world. And for Krista, who is a parent to a 4 month old girl, she loves her daughter and wants her to be healthy and happy too. Have faith in God that He will bless your child, and pray to Him!

I found these 7 prayers, based on Bible scripture, to pray to God for the well-being of your children.


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Weekly Prayer: For Self-Confidence

For 40 days, my husband and I are going to focus on increasing our self-confidence. With God’s support, we want to be stronger, to accept our abilities and capabilities, and to go about our day in confidence.

Prayer For Self Confidence

Lord, true source of light and wisdom
Let a ray of Your brilliance
Penetrate my understanding
Grant me a retentive memory
And the ability to grasp things
Correctly and completely.
Let me be convincing in my explanations
Steadfast and unwavering in my presentations
Give me Your confidence
To trust my God-given capabilities.
Help me with each task at hand
Guide me through its completion.

“Thus we may say with confidence: The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” – Hebrews 13:6

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Four Directions Prayer

This past Sunday in service, the pastor and congregation recited four prayers, each referring to a geographical direction, calling God to encompass our entire being. These prayers originate from Native American customs, and since we were discussing equality and love for all people, we recited this as a way to include all people, to focus on loving all people, and to be united together.

arrow, compass, direction, down, east, gps, left, location, navigation, north, right, south, up, west icon

East: O Great Spirit of the East and of the rising sun, you are the Spirit of new life and new beginnings. We pray that you will give us light and energy and power, flooding our lives with illumination and understanding, and blessing us with the vision of the sacredness of creation.

South: O Great Spirit of the South, of all green and growing things, you are the Spirit of warm summer rains, and gentleness. We pray that your warm winds will warm our hearts. Bring to the land abundance and let everything rejoice and grow and be fruitful.

West: O Great Spirit of the West, and of the sunset, you are the Spirit of the great waters and oceans. We pray that your restless, shining waters may cleanse and heal us, may refresh and strengthen us, dissolving all barriers in the patience of time and bringing peace to all beings of the Earth.

North: O Great Spirit of the North, and of the vast northern sky, you are the Spirit of energy, the source of knowledge and wisdom. We pray that your icy breath will sweep away the old patterns. We pray that your cold sharpness will awaken our spirits, clear our minds, set our priorities, and give us wisdom and clear vision for the future.

Benediction: Creator, we thank you for the Circle you have made out of us within the Sacred Hoop of your creation. May the Holy Spirit make its nest within our hearts and its dwelling place among us; we ask this through the name of your eternal Word, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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Weekly Prayer: Baptism

Yesterday we celebrated at church the baptism of Christ. Baptism is the ritual of becoming cleansed of sin and renewed in Christ. For me it means that I am blessed with Christ’s presence and I am marked to follow his ways.

Here’s a prayer for baptism, written by M.S.Lowndes, and may you be reflect on the meaning that baptism has for you.

You’re taking this step of faith.
In obedience to the Lord,
To be baptized in His precious name,
And heed the Master’s call,
To rise up with faith in God.

And go where He may lead,
To share God’s love to everyone,
And touch them in their need,
May God pour out His blessings.

Upon your life today,
So you may walk in His abundance,
As you commit to Him your way,
Keep on trusting in the Lord.

No matter what you face,
And keep your eyes on Jesus Christ,
And live in His sweet grace.


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Is, Was, and To Come

Happy new year! Many blessings to you.

May you cherish life in this present moment, be grateful for the life you had last year, and embrace the new life to come in this year 2016! God is with you through every milestone!…THINK ‘Is, Was, To Come.’ God’s love and blessings are never ending.

I really liked this reflection from Heartlight:

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” — Revelation 1:8

From beginning to end, our God is there! What is there for us to fear? What can happen that can change this one undeniable reality? We belong to the God who is always there, who always cares for us, and who will always work to bring us salvation! No matter what happens to us tomorrow, or the next day, or the one after that, our destiny lies with the God who stretches from beginning to end and who secures for us life that never ends.


Father God, thank you for the blessings of this past year. Please guide me as I seek to use your blessings in the coming year. Inspire my confidence about your future for me and fill me with joy because of your salvation. For all that has been good, holy, and gracious, I give you thanks and praise. For all the ways I’ve sinned, failed, or stumbled, I ask for your forgiveness. And for tomorrow, and another new day and another new year, I await with anticipation and gladness for I know that I will see them come or I will be at home with you where days and years no longer matter. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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Christmas Poem

Here’s a repost from 2012, where we share a beautiful poem written by Mary Fairchild. May you celebrate Christ and the life He brings into your life this Christmas day and everyday of the year.

Lord, this is my prayer 

Not only on Christmas Day 
But until I see You face to face 
May I live my life this way: 

Just like the baby Jesus 
I ever hope to be, 
Resting in Your loving arms 
Trusting in Your sovereignty. 

And like the growing Christ child 
In wisdom daily learning, 
May I ever seek to know You 
With my mind and spirit yearning. 

Like the Son so faithful 
Let me follow in Your light, 
Meek and bold, humble and strong 
Not afraid to face the night. 

Nor cowardly to suffer 
And stand for truth alone, 
Knowing that Your kingdom 
Awaits my going home. 

Not afraid to sacrifice 
Though great may be the cost, 
Mindful how You rescued me 
From broken-hearted loss. 

Like my risen Savior 
The babe, the child, the Son, 
May my life forever speak 
Of who You are and all You’ve done. 

So while this world rejoices 
And celebrates Your birth, 
I treasure You, the greatest gift 
Unequaled in Your worth. 

I long to hear the same words 
That welcomed home Your Son, 
“Come, good and faithful servant,” 
Your Master says, “Well done.” 

And may heaven welcome others 
Who will join with me in praise 
Because I lived for Jesus Christ 
Not only Christmas Day 

– Mary Fairchild

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Weekly Prayer: Advent

In this Advent season, may you focus on Christ and His love in your life. This page of Advent Prayers are great to reflect on each day. Here are two.

In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in unity,
that our praise and worship
might echo in these walls
and also through our lives.
In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in mission,
that the hope within
might be the song we sing,
and the melody of our lives.
In this Advent of expectation
draw us together in service,
that the path we follow
might lead us from a stable
to a glimpse of eternity. Amen.


You challenge us this Advent time
This season of preparation
To put aside our pride
And understand our need
For repentance
And mercy
Less of self
More of you
Preparation for our journey
To the stable and beyond
Purify our hearts
Sanctify our lives
That we might serve you
Faithfully this day and all days. Amen.

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